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Chris Guerriero advises a handful of private businesses to help them scale smart and outpace their competition.

This is a rare opportunity to get direct mentorship from Chris and tap into decades of in-the-trenches experience from a four-time 8-figure entrepreneur, so you cut your learning curve and scale your company faster than ever.

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Tried-And-Tested Tactics Proven To Work And That Have Generated
Millions Of Dollars Across Multiple Industries

Is Private Business Coaching With Chris Right For You?

Chris has built nearly a dozen companies, four of which are 8-figure companies. He has grown, acquired and sold companies across multiple industries, and he’s been the hired gun responsible for turning around dozens of stagnant brands.

Chris knows exactly what obstacles you’ll face in each of the four stages of business growth so you can identify and overcome them before they cause a plateau in your success. Every insight that Chris will share with you has been tried-and-tested in his and his client’s businesses (in multiple industries) to generate millions of dollars in profits.

You’ll learn how to develop high-performing leadership teams, how to identify and grow million-dollar partnerships, and how to stay focused on the most important items in your business so you scale faster than you ever thought possible and outpace your competition.

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Darren Hardy
Publisher Success magazine and New York Times bestselling author of the Compound Effect

"Chris' proven path to success will provide you a shortcut to yours"

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Dan Fagella
CEO Enerj Artificial Intelligence


“More than 5x growth in less than one year thanks to Chris' guidance”

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Bob Proctor
"The Secret" & chairman of Life Success

“Chris is an absoulte business genious, we do exactly what he tells us”

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Barry K
Financial Advisor

"Chris helped us double our company in the last 12 months."

Mikal Abdullah circle testimonial image

Mikhal Abdulla
Founder, Aces Jiu Jitsu Chain

"3x growth in less than 12 months and 2x more profitable"

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Todd Lamb
Co-Founder Pure Life Organics

“Working with Chris has made a 7-figure difference in our bottom line!”

How Chris Can Help You:

Chris has a rare blend of experience that brings forth unique strategies to solving your hardest problems in business that would stump “experts”, so you can accelerate your growth and hit record profit margins. When Chris advises a company, they get the rare opportunity to tap into his proven experience, high-performance team and extensive business contacts.

He’s trusted by CEO’s, high growth entrepreneurs, and New York Times bestselling authors to help them scale faster, acquire other companies, and even sell their businesses for the highest multiple – all while building high-performing organizations that are fun to run but don’t consume all of your time or require you to sacrifice your personal life.


Is This Right For You?

Chris' life is built around his family and managing his personal portfolio of companies, yet for the past seven years he's also dedicated one day each week to the private advisory of a handful of companies, all of whom exceeded their growth goals because every company he owns, or invests in or advises gets individual focus from Chris so they get maximum growth in an organized way, so that growth is fast AND long term because it’s backed by systems and relationships that keep those companies growing.


How You Can Apply:

If you think you're a good fit and you know that working directly with Chris would be a game changer for you, then answer the questions below and find out if you can hire Chris to help your company scale too.


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Where do you want your company to be in the next 12 months?

(IE: specific revenue, specific profitability, team size, develop a leadership team, develop proven systems, sell, acquire my competitor)

What do you need to get better at to reach that target?

(IE: better at getting my message in front of far more qualified prospects, better at attracting great team members who can help drive growth, better at developing systems that make us more effective & profitable, better at creating a deeper funnel of products/services for my current customers!)

If you do take action, what will be the greatest difference in your business and/or life?

(IE: greater profitability, more revenue, larger market share, able to hand off projects to key team members, able to spend more time with your family)

If you do not take action what will be the worst difference in your business and/or life?

(IE: lost market share, no growth over last year, potentially less revenue, frustration, less time for family and personal goals)

Do you know what the top 3-5 most important metrics are in your business?

(if not – they say no. If you do know them then list them here)

How often do you assess your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to be the most effective and maximize scale?

On a scale of 1-10 how efficient is your organization from an operational standpoint?

(Determining operational efficiency can assist in revealing the reasons behind the success (or lack thereof) of your current strategy)

Do you know who your top 2-3 competitors are, whom, it would be a game changer for you if you took their market share?

(If so – list them here along with their URL’s if applicable)

On a scale from 1-10 how clear are the roles in your business as well as who you need on your team to get to the next level?

In 10 years or less where do you see yourself?

(IE: selling this company, hiring a new leader and taking a less active role, continuing to grow the company yourself, continuing to be part of the company at some capacity while also investing in and growing other companies)

What’s the biggest pain point within your company, or what do you think needs to be improved to experience greater scale?

(IE: leadership development for yourself or your team, systems and automation, finding A-players that help you drive growth, guidance from someone who has a winning track record of building multiple 8-figure companies, monetizing your existing customers, growing your brand, reputation management as you grow, finding new platforms to sell your products/services)

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a leader?