Total Online Media

Total Online Media

Strategic media planning that drives brand exposure, creates an impact,
and develops trust with your audience

Let our expert marketing team quickly become an extension of your company. Your brand will gain exposure using proven processes to locate targeted prospects online, engage them and drive them back to your website, storefront or phone number.

Total Online Media utilizes 22 separate solutions to help grow your brand and build a powerful online presence for you, your company and your products, including our industry-leading iBranding program and our Total Demographic Analysis.

TDA (Total Demographic Analysis):

Total Online Media uses traditional consumer research companies like ComScore, Nielson, and Arbitron, when locating your prospects online, however in today’s world of connected customers – it’s important to have a sharper view of:

  • What a typical customer or client looks like
  • Where they congregate online
  • …and what would motivate them to do business with your company over any other

For this reason, in addition to acquiring data from consumer research companies, we also use a proprietary targeting technology to help us understand your customers (so we can position your company and your brand quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently in front of them).

This proprietary targeting analysis, called the TDA, updates and filters data from consumer research firms, and also provides discovery on where your typical customers are currently congregating, how to best reach them, and how to align with them so there’s a level of trust and motivation to work with you.

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