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4 Tips For Building An Online Community That Promotes Your Business Growth

Topic: 4 essential tips for fostering a true ‘community’ online that will promote business growth and provide your customers with what they are REALLY looking for. In my latest book ‘iLead’, I make a statement that I believe to be VERY relevant to the subject of fostering an online community. “For businesses seeking growth, this…

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The Psychology Of Customers

In the book iLead I detail a number of ways to drastically improve your marketing, branding, and I show you how to use today’s technology to automatically get your message out to your customers. In chapter 3, there is also a section that deals with the psychology of customers, and that subject is what today’s…

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List of Paid Traffic Sources For Your Website!

It doesn't matter if you have an offline business with a website, or if you business is completely online with no brick and mortar office.  If you have a website you need quality, targeted traffic on a consistent basis to grow your brand, your sales, and your revenue. Below, you'll find a list of the…

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