How to Guarantee Success

Can you really guarantee success?

What do you do to keep yourself motivated to succeed?

If you go to my website there is a link at the top of the page to ask me questions. We get hundreds of questions a week.

What’s interesting is, the great majority of people who follow me on social, or on any platform, are business people… some of them are SMALL business people… some of them have SEVEN OR EIGHT figure companies, and some of them are CEOs of MULTI-BILLION dollar international brands.

So, you would think that the majority of the questions I get asked would be BUSINESS TACTICS, or team development tactics, or how to develop yourself as a leader.

But the number one question is almost consistently…. how do you STAY MOTIVATED to succeed.

I think it’s amazing question. Because it doesn’t matter what level you’re at in business, your ability to stay motivated to succeed is DIRECTLY RELATED to how well you “FOCUS” in business… which is directly related to the results you get in business.

The Myth About Motivation

When you’re just starting out, I know most people believe that as soon as they start to succeed and begin to see money flowing in, that they’ll have this unending motivation. But that’s never the case.

The amount of motivation you have from day one, is the amount of motivation you will probably always have.

Let me clarify that so I don’t get a bunch of comments correcting me 🙂

People who are NOT – INTERNALLY motivated, always tend to hit plateaus in their growth, get overwhelmed and frustrated very easily, and often burn out in business… before they really hit their groove and gain true momentum.

However, when you have a STRONG internal motivation (I’ll explain what that means in just a moment)… then no matter what happens throughout the day, or the week, or the month, or the quarter… you REMAIN FOCUSED on THE RIGHT ACTIONS that create success in your life.

Examples of internal motivation

So what’s an example of internal motivation?

I think one of the most famous examples is Jim Carry the actor, who… when he was struggling to become an actor, and had no money coming in, he wrote a check to himself for $10 million. He folded it up and he put it in his pocket, and he looked at that check every day… the decisions he made throughout the day were decisions that he thought would bring him closer to making that check a reality.

And the next big movie deal he signed paid him $10 million.

Now is that just “woo – woo” or did that INTERNAL MOTIVATION have some impact on his actual success?

Who knows?

But I’ll tell you, in my life, I am constantly leveraging my INTERNAL MOTIVATION to grow. Not just in business, but in all areas of my life.

When I was a skinny kid in high school, and everybody pushed me around and picked on me because I was such a lightweight… one of my MAJOR internal motivations was pictures of bodybuilders that I hung in my basement, where I had a pair of dumbbells and a barbell that my dad got me.

…and every time I got home from school I went down there and I taught myself how to work out. That INTERNAL MOTIVATION helped me to become confident in my body.

I have internal motivators in every area of my life. They change, because as I reach a goal, I change my internal motivation to help me GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Success in Business

When it comes to business, each one of my companies has goals of REACHING A CERTAIN NUMBER of people… as customers, clients, readers, followers, and even subscribers.

But having a business that reaches a lot of people… but doesn’t PROFIT is the… definition of business insanity.

So it’s important to ALSO… have MOTIVATORS that drive you to take the ACTIONS necessary to become PROFITABLE… so that your MARGIN is high enough, and so that your NET REVENUE is high enough so you can keep reinvesting in growing your company and reaching and helping more people.

But let’s take that to the next level. Even if you have a profitable business, but that profit is not filtering through to you as the owner, then eventually you’ll get amazingly burned out. Then you have nothing to show for all your years of effort.

That may sound crazy, but for many years in the beginning of my business life once my company began to make a good amount of money, and we were highly profitable… I was so fixated on growing and reaching more people, that I kept reinvesting the profits into scaling the business, so PERSONALLY I was financially struggling.

If you follow me, you’ve probably heard me tell stories about the years where it was hard for me to afford anything personally. I remember, back then, having a meeting with a friend of mine who is very successful, and he asked me if I had a WILL.

At the time, when I didn’t have alot of money – personally, I thought that creating a WILL was a waste.

But, we had a really great discussion about what goes into a personal will. About how CLEAR you could be on where your money goes and how it gets divided…

…anyway, after that meeting I found an estate attorney who specialized in high net worth individuals.

And I hired him to create a WILL for me.

Now here’s where I think it’s very valuable for you… at the time (other than the value of my business) I only had a few thousand dollars to my name…

But I went to his office, and explained to him that although I don’t have “exactly” $10 million saved up… I am on track to be there relatively soon, so I wanted him to help me CLEARLY DETAIL how to distribute $10 million dollars in my WILL.

For those of you who don’t know the process of designing a will, it’s very detailed. This brings us back to the most important aspect of growing any business, and that’s CLARITY.

Clarity is the most important aspect of your success

You’ve heard me say this dozens and dozens of times if you follow me on any social platform or if you’ve seen me speak at any event, that I will spend more time on getting clear, then I will on almost any other single aspect of business. Because the act of getting clear, helps you to see the SHORTEST PATH TO SUCCESS every time.

That act of getting clear INSIDE OF A WILL was an exercise that I had never done, and it helped me to ingrain this powerful internal motivation that drove me to not only:

  1. Strive to reach and HELP THE GREATEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE.
  2. Build companies that are HIGHLY PROFITABLE.
  3. But it also helped me to do all that… in a way that filled my personal bank accounts so that I could fulfill the commitments I made in my will for my family, and for charities, and for my business partners.

That one decision… to sit down and get clear and create that will, helped me to exceed my expectations with my personal finance… and since then, I’ve torn up that will. I created and even bigger one that NOW keeps me motivated because I’m at a different level in life.

But that’s just ONE of my internal motivators.

What do YOU do in your life to keep yourself focused and moving in the right direction and motivated? Even on those days, weeks, months, or quarters that you might feel frustrated. Or when you start to feel a little burned out?

Taking time to think about that, and getting clear, could be one of the most pivotal moments of this year, or of your entire life.

Tell me the comments on this video what your INTERNAL MOTIVATOR is.

Be open, and share something of value. Your openness could help a lot of other entrepreneurs to grow, and at the same time, read the other comments. Because those comments might spark a unique idea in your mind that could spur the next burst of motivation that brings you to an even greater level then you might’ve ever thought possible.

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I really look forward to connecting with you.

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