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iLead BookFrom job-seeking students to ambitious corporate executives, the hunger to stand out from the crowd is within all of us. Those who have the foresight to position themselves as leaders are always seen as “lucky” or “gifted,” when the reality is there are millions of others who are far more worthy, yet lack a single necessary skill.

Being seen as a leader in your field is the cornerstone of true success for companies and individuals who want to grow larger than their current stature in life.

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In iLead you learned a step-by-step plan which today’s most successful individuals—ranging from CEO’s, to politicians, to today’s new i-millionaires—have used to position themselves as leaders and attain a level of success far beyond their counterparts.

Implementing the systems Chris Guerriero unveiled in iLead is the difference between making marginal profits… and true wealth.  Between middle-of-the pack… and becoming a market leader.

Below is the Peer-to-Peer iLead Forum, where CEO's, successful entrepreneurs, and other readers can share how they used the tactics in iLead to drive revenue, grow brands, and give more to their customers.

Use the box below to share the biggest take-away YOU got from the book and how you used it in your business, then read a few of the other posts to see how other executives are using what they learned.

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Meet Chris Guerriero


Chris is an entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, and advisor to a handful of high growth companies.

He has built four 8-figure companies, developed winning leadership teams in six industries, and designed business systems that predictably grow multi-million dollar brands.

He’s been featured in financial periodicals such as: Success, Inc, Bloomberg TV, and in Entrepreneur as a top entrepreneurs of the time.

In addition to his own companies, Chris is also an advisor, investor and equity holder in companies across a variety of industries, including health, medical, digital advertising, legal and real estate.

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