Website Optimization For Medium To Large Businesses

One of the most common questions I get asked in our business bootcamps is how to get more exposure online.  Most businesses, no matter what industry they're in and no matter how large, can drastically increase their bottom line sales by properly growing their online exposure.

The sad part is that most businesses hire an outside SEO company who sold them on some BS about how they can get them to rank #1 on Google. Most SEO companies use Google's frequent updates to scare their clients, saying things like "Google just came out with another update and your site needs to be fixed".

I just replied to an email sent to me by a good friend who owns a large brand company that does business both online and offline.  His email was asking me about the newest Google update and how that might effect his ranking.  I'm going to post my reply below because for a decent size company, these three tips are worth millions of dollars in sales.

Here's what I said:

The truth is…

The foundation of Google is still the same and always will be – all the modifications they make are important (and certainly can give you a boost) but they don't change the foundational principles of website optimization, including but not limited to these three that may help on your site:

1.  Content.  Posting relevant, valuable content on your website on a regular basis (the more competitive your industry is – the more often you should add relevant valuable content to your website).

2.  Engagement. Increasing the time people spend on your site.  There's a lot of ways to do this, like: positioning graphics on pages so users need to scroll down to see the full graphic, adding videos, adding interactions like surveys, etc, etc, etc)

3.  Speed. Pages that load slowly are often rated lower by Google and Bing but not just because they load slowly. As a direct ranking factor, load time is minor. But it's indirect effect is huge, especially with user engagement becoming prominent these days in Google's ranking metrics.

In business, knowing things like this is what separates those who struggle from those who experience growth year after year. 

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